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I am Renata, Rene
protagonist in the Story
e co-author


I am Fernanda,
Nandinha protagonist
in the Story e co-author

Fernanda NEVES VIEIRA (Yet only in Italian)
The entrance to the Pippo's Theory: « the Trilogy »
The News (Yet only in Italian)

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We are two sisters from Brazil, living in Italy and are experiencing
a great adventure so fantastic,
that we would like to share it with you all,
especially with young people like us.

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before We introduce, after you explain what it is and what is the Idea ! ! !

We were lucky enough to have a Mom, Alcione, the brightest, as the eponymous Star or Nebula, the most luminous of the Pleiades. For many years, almost alone and with the help of Grandparents, has been active in making us study, ncluding our older brother, Daniel, up to college education. When, tired of so many sacrifices and fear we can not do, because the salary of an elementary school teacher, was not enough even for higher studies, and much less for the University (in Brazil, high schools and universities are almost all private bodies, very, very expensive). She decided to come to seek her fortune in Turin. But here in Italy, as you know, it is difficult to be adequately remunerated for any work, especially for a foreigner who can aspire to the top, almost exclusively, domestic helpers and unskilled worker.

It has not surrendered, trusting in God, among many privations and humiliations, has moved on..

Fortunately, however, met Pippo, an Italian Doctor Engineer looking to say • • • "Fool Scientist", because it has a lot of hair, but a fantastic Cook, even the famous "feijoada brasileira". He is very friendly, helpful and there is no field of science he does not know.

→ →  In short, a fantastic mother could not find a more suitable husband.

Thanks to this: our elder brother has a degree in Brazil, in Physical Education, and now teaches in a Public School in Vitoria, capital of the state of Espirito Santo. I Renata, attending the VI-th year of Medicine and Surgery, in Turin. I Fernanda right here in Turin, I graduated as an "Expert business correspondents in foreign languages" and I attend the IV th year of Law.

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